Organisational Development

MIP (Management Improvement Program)

MIP is a training course with mentoring support to help community based organisations in their capacity building. It is designed for the leaders of churches and community and community-based initiatives from small to medium sized grass-root organisations. MIP works best when leaders are committed to improving the standards of their services.

Our goal is to bring sustainable, more effective, accountable and God-centered ministries to transform communities by engaging, equipping and empowering through training and mentoring.

  • MIP follows a simple strategy in implementing the program:

      • Organisational need assessment is conducted for each module (mostly online) so as to know where the organisation stands and to identify the training needs.
      • Based on the assessment training workshops are organised to equip and improve in the areas of weakness.
      • The final session of the training for each module is Action Plan Session where participants develop their plans of action required to make improvements in their ministry.
      • Onsite mentoring visit to ensure the action plans are accomplished
      • Action plans are reviewed and further improvement plans are made
      • Finally, verification of improvements are made and certificates of improvement are awarded.

There are 6 modules covered by MIP. The modules are:

    • Financial Management
    • Project Planning & Management
    • Resource Mobilization
    • Governance
    • Human Resource Management
    • Leadership Development & Team Building

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