Private Limited Company Registration

What is a Private Limited Company?

A private limited company is a kind of business in which the members liability are limited along with the protection to the stakeholders. A private limited company is a separate legal entity, separate from its owner and is eligible to sue or to be sued on its own name.

A private limited company along with the benefits of reliability amongst the stakeholders as well as banker and Government Organizations also carryies some obligations under the Companies Act, 2013 to comply with the certain provisions under the act.

There are some ownership restrictions as well in a private limited company as mentioned below:

  1. Before selling the shares, the stakeholders must offer the shares to the other shareholders first.
  1. The shares of a private limited company cannot be offered to the general public over a stock exchange and
  1. There is a restriction on the number of members of a private limited company (Commonly 50)

What is the procedure for registeration of a private limited company?

An application in the prescribed form along with the prescribed documents and fee shall be made to the Registrar of Companies, being satisfied with the documents and information provided the registrar of companies shall issue the certificate of registration to the company.

How much time does it take to register a private limited company?

A private limited company usually takes 15 Days to register but in exceptional circumstances it may take upto 20 days.

Following is the list of documents required for regisering a private limited company:

  1. Passport Size Photographs of all the directors
  1. Pan of all the directors
  1. Address proof of all the directors
  1. Address proof of the registered office of the proposed company

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