Staff Development

Mentoring & Coaching Workshop

The workshop is designed for leaders to enhance their knowledge about the concept and differences between mentoring & coaching and helping them to develop a road map for cultivating the same culture among local organizations.


    • Differentiate between the Coaching and Mentoring
    • Understand the structure and process of coaching 
    • Acquire good coaching and mentoring practices and skills 
    • Appreciate the advantages of Peer coaching and its positive influence on the growth potential of their mission organisation
    • Learn through experiential exercises consulting each other as coaches and mentors
    • Develop roadmap for cultivating a culture of mentoring and coaching in their mission organization 

ToT- Training of Trainers

Learning never ends. It is a universal truth. In this constantly changing and evolving world, everyone needs to be on the tip of their toes. This not only applies for learning but also for teaching. As much as the learnings are changing, teaching methods and stewardship roles also need to be constantly evolved to cater to these changing learning needs.

This is why we have a separate training for the Trainers. This training is specially structured from the point of view of the teachers. 

TOT Workshop is organised in order to equip the emerging leaders & trainers with skills & strategies and lead them toward becoming a better trainers or leaders in a non-traditional and interactive way.



    • Adult Learning Principle
    • Setting Performance Objective
    • Developing Content Plan
    • Various Components of Learning Style 
    • Advantage of Small Group Activity
    • Asking Question & Learning Environment
    • How to Design and Present a Mini-Training Session

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